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Narrative Examples

This page is a small showcase of some example narrative pieces taken from my current work as Creative in the themed entertainment sector.

Storytelling is at the heart of my industry; it guides my creative compass and is the raised flag to guide guests through layers of world-building wrapped around the multitude of experiences we produce.


One could suggest that the realms of gaming and themed entertainment share this viewpoint. I certainly do and, if you're reading this, I hope that so do you.

Short Story

In the form of a sea shanty, this short story was never intended to be published. Instead, this was designed as a fun tone-of-voice reference sheet for the design team. It communicated the brand values befittingly. It was applied to all facets of the project, from iconography to prop design.

Scriptwriting: Pre-show

A "pre-show" is a scripted piece that is set before guests experience the main show. These can introduce characters, deliver key story points, guest interactivity or act as a call to action after hours of queuing. This is an example of a pre-show for an interactive dark ride set in a stylised and fictional Library of Alexandria.

Scriptwriting: Guest Experience

After agreeing to a high concept and outline, we can flesh out the guest experience, describing the journey through the major plot points of an attraction from start to finish. This example is for the headline attraction of a dinosaur-themed land.

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